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Effectiveness, Sustainability, versatility

Fortis offers an alternative ecological, watertight and affordable solution for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial building construction in eastern Canada, thanks to its large-format isolated structure panels.  


Superior insulation

Our factory produces customized isolated structure panels, comprised of a core made of expandable polystyrene (EPS) joined between two panels of oriented strand board (OSB). The EPS insulation is an excellent acoustic barrier, and the precise fit construction of our structures will prevent dust and allergens from entering the building. As there are no planks or framing used for structural purposes, the walls, floors or ceilings are built without thermal bridges and allow the home owner to save 40% to 60% annually on the cost of heating and air conditioning, compared to traditional prefabricated structures. Therefore our products reach very high targets of energy efficiency and reduce the ecological footprint of each building.

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Product Quality

Fortis manufactures 8’ x 24' panels (or smaller if the client wishes), using high-quality certified materials and a closely monitored and controlled rolling process. Once the rolling process finished, the panels are accurately cut with the aid of a digital Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine with tolerances of +/- 1/16 ", compared to the average ½ '' of traditional prefabricated walls. All panels are fully manufactured in our plant in Saint-Prime (Quebec, Canada) and are individually examined before delivery to the customer. Transport to the site may be made by the purchaser or by Fortis. We will assume the cost of replacement for any defective panel.

Speed of assembly

Fortis structures combine framing, insulation and cladding in one single panel, which enables the manufacturer to implement more projects annually. The average house of 2,000 square feet can be erected in a single day.

Fortis has introduced a production line of large dimension isolated structure panels (8 x 24 feet). The size of the panels is paramount, as many similar product manufacturers only fabricate 4 x 12 foot panels or smaller. By producing large-format panels, we offer a structure with fewer seals (and subsequent thermal bridges) to the end user, as well as fewer panels to install on site, thus reducing installation time.

All openings are cut and electricity needs prepared in the factory (electrical boxes, power outlets, switches as well as channel systems required to install wiring). The electricians will no longer have to make the final installation of different electrical components, which is another factor that saves time and money on the construction site.

For contractors who are just getting started, we can provide a turnkey project to establish buyers and effectively build their future structures.

Competitive price

Manufactured in a plant with a controlled environment, Fortis isolated structure panels are the best and most economic panels on the market. Our products require approximately 50 to 75% less planks than a house built with traditional walls, and less manufacturing labour, which allows us to offer prices that defy any competition.

Very short wait times

Our very high production capacity allows us to offer our customers minimal delays.