How is it made?

Fortis isolated structure panels is a high efficiency construction system of wall, roof and ceiling designed for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial construction. The panels are made of an insulating core of expandable polystyrene (EPS) joined between two panels of oriented strand board (OSB). There are no planks or framing used for structural purposes. Fortis structures share the same structural concept as that of an I-beam. The rigid EPS panel core acts as the band, while the OSB cladding has the same function as the flanges. Other claddings may be used if necessary (plywood, pressure treated plywood, cement panel, magnesium oxide panel, etc.), but after extensive search, we have been able to confirm that the OSB is the most cost-effective and versatile material.


Walls, floors, ceilings

Our facilities have the capacity to produce any thickness of panel, but the most common range from 4.5 inches to 12.25 inches. Fortis structures are manufactured under controlled conditions in a factory and can adapt to any building design. This results in a construction system that is extremely robust, energy-efficient, affordable, healthier and quieter.